Ten lessons from the Good Track

The Good Track took a revolutionary look at what it means to work for a better world. Including insight from powerful female voices and winning work dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals, this was a Track that brought us lessons for the future. These were ten of our most meaningful takeaways.

It's easy to download the insights from the festival if you want to use them in your own presentations. Simply click on thedownloadicon.pngicon next to each video or click the link below each clip and then right click the media and select "save as" if prompted to.

3. Today your behaviour is your advertising

Today, brands need to live their core values out loud. It’s not what you say, it’s what you do that counts.
Download Andre Le Masurier, Executive Creative Director for the Google Brand Studio, speaking during the UNHCR talk “Searching for Syria - Using Technology for Good”

4. If you take a stand on an issue – speak out against the backlash that ensues, don’t just delete it

Too often brands try to speak out about an issue but delete, hide or block negative sentiments that might ensue, instead of challenging them face on. We Are Social says brands need to take a stand against the backlash too.
Download Mobbie Nazir, Chief Strategy Officer for We Are Social, speaking during the Cannes Lions Power Hour looking at “Creativity Changing Culture”

8. The “me too” movement has now evolved from sharing grievances to decisively demanding a new approach. Marketers need to move with these times

Download Leslie Sims, Chief Creative Officer for Y&R North America, speaking during Y&R’s session “Redefining Miss America in the Age of ‘me too’”

9. Simple, fresh ideas are often the most effective when producing “Good” work

Download the Palau Legacy Project campaign “Palau Pledge”
Of this campaign, Mark Tutssel, Jury President of the Sustainable Development Goals Lions, said: "At the end of the day, we had one winner, an idea that really was the freshest and something we can scale and activate geographically around the world,"
Other simple, scalable award-winners included this Grand Prix winner in the Glass Lions
Download Essity’s “Blood Normal”
And this Gold Winner in Glass:
Download the Times of India campaign “Sindoor Khela - No Conditions Apply”

10. Finally, we need “good” technology too. It’s time for technology and social platforms to have an ethical code – and brands can help make that happen

Technology and social platforms have typically been designed with self-validation in mind and now a public health crisis is ensuing…
Going forward, we need to design technology with an ethical code in mind – technology must serve human needs instead of business needs …
Download Tristan Harris, Google's Former Design Ethicist and Co-Founder of the Center for Humane Technology, speaking during Hearts & Science’s session “Addicted to Likes: Consumers in the Age of Attention Armageddon”