Good Jam with Dot Dot Dot

20 & 21 June, 14:00-15:30, Roundtables, Palais II
Hosted by Jack Horner, Joiner of Dots

Join a curated group of creative and strategic thinkers, founders and those passionate about affecting positive change through the power of creativity and networks. We’re coming together to make things bigger, better, faster, stronger in a dynamic and social session. You’re going to meet new people from new disciplines and do something good together.

You’ll connect with new people from across the whole creative universe. You’ll unleash some creative energy. You’ll help make the world a better place. Win Win Win. And there’s beer. Win.

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Who’s Invited?

Anyone with experience in shaping ideas, nurturing businesses, reaching audience and effecting change. Break down the barriers and mix it up. Because the best way to work is to cross streams and ditch conventional silos.

What happens?

We’ve worked with the members of Dot Dot Dot to identify three great initiatives that provide solutions to problems the world faces. They will present what they do in a rapid two minutes, telling us about the issue they identified, what they are doing to address it, and some of their business challenges and hurdles. That’s where you come in - we then break out and get creative, flex our networks, offer advice and help refine, enhance and amplify their efforts.

What you get

The chance to do something positive, creative and genuinely helpful in a laid back spot with a load of beer, wine and peanuts. And an opportunity to build new relationships and networks with some of the most interesting people in Cannes.

It’s guest list only...

So if you want in, drop us a line with your name, company and a line about what you bring to a creative process.